What is my user name?

The BCTU must inform you of your unique username.  This is usually by telephone but it can be by fax or email.  If you don't have a username then you can request a reminder on the 'Edit your account' page and we will send you it via email automatically.

I have an error message telling me that 'There was a problem sending the activation email'.  Why?

This is usually due to a temporary problem with our network or email service.  You can try again in a short while or contact us if this problem persists.

I have an error message telling me that 'The user name yourusername is not in our database'.  Why?

This error can occur if the user name has been mistyped.  It can also be caused if you enter a username that has not been given to you by BCTU.  Check that the username is correct by using the 'User name reminder' feature on the 'Edit your account' page.

I have an error message telling me that 'The email address supplied is not registered for username yourusername'. Why?

This happens if we don't have this email registered for your account (or can happen if you mistyped either the username or email address).  Please contact the BCTU to make sure your registration details are up to date.

I have an error message telling me that 'Update failed. The password could not be activated'. Why?

This mostly happens if there has been some kind of problem with your activation email. Firstly try setting your password again.  If you have tried to change your password several times please make sure you are following the link in the most recent activation email.  If the problem persists please contact the BCTU.